FitLogix® Reduces Weight, Improves Health

FitLogixNational Jewish Health has taken a lead in the fight against one of America's most pressing health problems, obesity. The FitLogix program, offers customized personal coaching, Internet education and support, and wireless activity monitors and scales to help people lose weight. National Jewish Health began offering this program to corporate clients in 2008. In the past fiscal year, results have shown just how effective this approach can be.

After 12 months, 74 percent of 1,500 FitLogix participants lost an average of 5.9 percent of their body weight. The longer they participated in the program, the more weight they lost. Not only did participants lose weight, they also reduced their healthcare costs. Total healthcare costs dropped almost 14 percent from $28.8 million in the year before participating in FitLogix to $25.0 million in the year they participated in FitLogix. The estimated return on investment for companies using the program was 2.82.

"Our data indicate that we have found the right combination of tools and strategies to keep weight off and improve health," said David Tinkelman, MD, Medical Director of Health Initiatives. "They also indicate that successful weight management can be an effective way to reduce healthcare costs. With two-thirds of Americans overweight or obese, and spending on obesity-related healthcare reaching $147 billion per year, we have plenty of opportunity for reducing healthcare costs."

The FitLogix program has built on experience in disease management, behavior modification, and telephonic counseling. National Jewish Health nurses have been answering callers health questions for more than 25 years via the LUNGLINE®. In the 1990s, National Jewish Health was one of the first national providers of disease management techniques to help asthma and COPD patients to manage their disease and reduce flare ups. Then, in 2002, National Jewish Health launched its QuitLine tobacco-cessation program, which started in Colorado and has now expanded to seven states.

"We have relied on our experience, combined with the latest scientific research on behavior modification to develop a successful program that we hope can help many more people in the coming years," said Dr. Tinkelman.

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QuitLine Expands, Sees Surge in Calls

A federal tobacco tax increase this spring was just the incentive many people needed to finally decide to quit smoking. The 62-cent federal tax hike on all tobacco products resulted in a flood of calls to QuitLine operated by National Jewish Health. Calls into the QuitLine rose steadily in March as smokers anticipated the April 1st tax hike, starting at about 1,000 per day and peaking April 1st at 3,176 calls. Call volume would have been expected to be about 750 per day without the tax hike. Overall, the QuitLine saw an increased volume of more than 138-percent from the previous year.

"This price hike seemed to inspire many people to make a quit attempt," said Matt Keelin, Director of Health Initiatives at National Jewish Health. "It was also good news for National Jewish Health, which earned about $1 million in additional revenue due to the increased call volume."

National Jewish Health added two new clients in 2011: Michigan and Pennsylvania. In combination with the existing state clients - Ohio, Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Utah, Kentucky, Minnesota and Utah - the National Jewish Health QuitLine now serves ten states and several health plans. Since its inception in December 2002, the National Jewish Health QuitLine has helped more than 650,000 people from across the United States who want to quit smoking.

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