At National Jewish Health we realize that we must prove ourselves again and again, every day, with every patient. That philosophy has helped us rank as a top hospital on the U.S. News & World Report Best Hospital list in the pulmonology category ever since pulmonology was included in the rankings. We also realize we must constantly innovate to look for better ways to care for our patients and to make new discoveries.


2017 Annual Report

Breathing Science is Life®

Table of Contents

  • Leadership Letter – Page 2

  • Digging Deeper to Find Answers – Page 6

  • Tests Discover How Lungs Function – Page 8

  • Genetic Discoveries Deliver Answers – Page 14

  • How to Repair a Damaged Lung – Page 16

  • Team Helps Teen Pursue His Passion – Page 20

  • Working with the Navajo Nation – Page 22

  • Empowering Citizen Scientists to Fight Air Pollution – Page 24

  • Rooms Designed for Patients Help Body and Mind – Page 30

  • Collaborations Thrive Across the Nation – Page 32

  • Range and Depth Grow in Work with Saint Joseph Hospital and SCL Health – Page 34

  • Financial Report – Page 36

  • Faculty, Officers and Leaders – Page 40

  • Giving – Page 60


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