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This page shares different tips, tricks and ideas for the treatment of your eczema symptoms.

Other Names for Eczema

Eczema is also known as Atopic Dermatitis, or A.D. for short.


Soak and Seal Infographic

Learn about how to prevent and reduce eczema symptoms by putting water back into the skin everyday.
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When To Do Soak and Seal

Remember to do a 10-15 minute soak and seal bath every day and apply moisturizer and medicines within three minutes to minimize the aymptoms of atopic dermatitis. 


Cover all Areas During Soak

All areas of eczema should be covered with wet towels or washcloths during the soak portion of the soak and seal process.


Pat or Tap Irritated Areas

Pat or tap itchy areas of atopic dermatitis with wet towels or washcloths during the soak portion of the soak and seal process. 


Soaps and Shampoos During Soak

Use soaps and shampoos (only if needed) at the very end of the soak and seal treatment for eczema. 


How to Apply Eczema Creams

Nurse Jen tells you how to apply eczema lotions, creams and ointments after the soak portion of the soak and seal technique to treat atopic dermatitis.


Clean Up Tub After Each Soak

It's important to clean the tub well after each and every soak and seal treatment. This helps prevent the spread of infection and reduce your eczema symptoms. 


Avoid Moisturizers Applied Over Medicines

Never apply a moisturizer over the same section of atopic dermatitis affected skin that you've just applied a medicine. It will dilute the medicine's effectiveness. 


How Much Medication Should You Apply?

The proper amount of topical medication is crucial for the treatment of eczema. Ask your health care provider to show you the proper amount of medicated cream or ointment to use. 


Tips for Managing Atopic Dermatitis at School

Learn what you can do to help your child manage his or her eczema at school.


Use Fragrance-Free Products

Always use fragrance-free products on children who have eczema. 

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