Reviewed by David Tinkelman, MD

Asthma Wizard

Check out the Asthma Wizard, a fun, animated way for kids to learn about asthma. Learn more.


Asthma Action Plan

An action plan is a written, customized plan to help you manage asthma episodes. Using the plan can help you and your family take action to manage your asthma. Read about what is included in an asthma action plan, how to use it, and see a sample of what one looks like. The specific asthma action plans for kids include:


Back-to-School Health Tips

In addition to school supplies and new clothes, parents of children with asthma need to make extra preparations to assure that their child is taken care of safely at school.


Asthma Care Checklist for Camp

This asthma checklist can help parents, children with asthma and camp staff work together to provide a safe camp experience for children with asthma. Kids can be safe and have fun.


Childhood Asthma Control Test

A simple, new questionnaire can identify children with poorly controlled asthma who needlessly suffer asthma symptoms that limit their daily activities.

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