The entire staff takes great care in providing high quality, accurate, reliable and repeatable testing results in a friendly, patient-focused atmosphere.

  • All equipment has been evaluated to ensure it meets standards for the , the  and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).
  • All equipment is calibrated daily to ensure accuracy.
  • Our extensive quality control program ensures repeatability of all patient data. Biological standards (healthy, non-smoking staff members) are tested weekly to make sure all equipment provides consistent results.
  • Our bioengineer, David Gurka, BS, CPFT, performs statistical analysis of all quality control and documents all quality records.
  • Our department bioengineer staff is available to troubleshoot problems to ensure our equipment is operational at all times.
  • Education is provided for our staff to ensure continued expansion of their knowledge in pulmonary diagnostics. Every staff member passes competency testing on the skills they provide for patients.
  • Testing quality is assured by review of all reports by supervisors.

Quality improvement projects are identified and implemented on an as needed basis.