In 2014, we honored

Michael A. Rodriguez

Alliance Building Services

In 1995, Mr. Rodriguez joined Alliance Building Services in its founding years, working his way up from Night-Time Supervisor to President of the company. Under his leadership, Alliance has more than quadrupled in size, revenue and services offered by executing the vision of a one-stop shop of building services. From the ground up, he has been instrumental in building the company’s portfolio from eight properties to over 100.

Alliance’s revenue has soared to more than $150 million a year and employs over 4,000 people in the New York City area. Under Mr. Rodriguez’s watch, Alliance has acquired a painting company, a lighting/ electrical company and a security technology company, adding to its family of businesses. He continues to look for integrative services that can be added to the Alliance portfolio of commercial services. Mr. Rodriguez’s confidence in his ability to locate logical and profitable additions to the Alliance family has helped skyrocket Alliance as a top contender in the building services industry.

Mr. Rodriguez has introduced innovative technology to an industry that is anything but technological, utilizing the most efficient advances in the tech industry. It was also his vision to implement an in-house Employee Service Center, where over 4,000 employees can get all their questions/concerns answered in person or online. His approach to leading has allowed him to create a successful team that is unmatched by many. Mr. Rodriguez credits the company’s success to the people who work alongside him. Without everyone’s hard work, dedication and drive, Alliance would not be the premier building service provider it is. Mr. Rodriguez emphasizes communication, transparency and accountability at every level of the organization. His coordinated service approach to management benefits the executives, staff and labor, utilizing clear and candid communication and a client-and employee-friendly work atmosphere.

Mr. Rodriguez was chosen as one of “Crain’s 40 under 40 New York’s Rising Stars” and honored as a member of the 2009 class of rising stars. He also received the Los NiƱos 2010 Image Award for Business for the Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, Inc.

Mr. Rodriguez currently serves on the Board of the Committee for Hispanic Children/Families and the Diabetes Research Institute and donates to multiple charities throughout the New York area.

Mr. Rodriguez is married to Maria Rodriguez and has three children, Mariah, Michael Jr., and Matthew, and resides in Westchester County.

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